On this beautiful day while we were having dinner, the family got talking about the day’s events and plans for the weekend.

Daddy was meant to take the sermon on Sunday and as is usual of him, he was sharing the highlights of the sermon with his family so we could pray along.

Somehow, what he was to preach on aligned with what I had prayed about over the week with my prayer partner (thank you, Dear One). So, it was quite a pleasant surprise and evidence to the Spirit of God being one.

Where exactly does Becquerel come in?

Like, this sounds totally out of her territory, right?

Yes. That’s exactly why all the while the rest of us were talking and laughing about this awesome happening, sis Becquerel was only focused on her fufu.

The “None of my business ” kind of focus.

Then, in celebrating God and my joy, I asked dad for a high five.

We were at opposite ends of the table, so, we had to stretch quite a distance to get the contact for our high five which we did not get because…

Sister ‘your-talk-is-not-as-important-as-my-fufu‘ had looked up, seen an impending high five, jumped in, sabotaged the operation and stolen my high five from me!!!

And while I was still opening my mouth in amazement, she was back to eating fufu.

God will…

*** In Our Family ***

I have spent three months plus at home in the interval between finishing final exams and being licensed to practise as a doctor.

Announcement: I have refused to be chubby.

Meanwhile, I can see some of my classmates like Dr. Akanni sporting round cheeks.


My brother in SA has been there for a year now. His slim frame is still there. No chubby anything.


It’s simple. We don’t take second rounds.

Once we tuck into that first plate of food, that’s it. Whether we are actually full or not after it, we convince ourselves that we are.

You see that serving the second round, it is too stressful. Just too stressful.

Don’t judge me.

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