Palette Land Introduction

Color of Life; Introduction to War On Palette Land.

The Newspaper Headline was bold and splashed in the Color of the Day;

Color of life.




Oh, you thought it was green? The luscious leaves of a suckling, tenderly guarded by the rich dark soil and daily bathed in the dew that comes with dawn? Is that life? You think it’s in the colors of the grass? The spine-like, thin, tallness that spreads across the earth like a rug? Green has been given the honorary title of freshness, newness and of course, life.


But, it’s all a lie. Red is life.


It is what flows from her thighs, every month. A sign of her purity, of her sanctity, of her wholeness. It is what signifies life even though it comes forth as the death of cells within her. That’s the color she awaits until she awaits it no more.


For what spurts out of the lady’s sacred place upon the first and initial penetration is red. The sign of all the life promised within her. The generations yet unborn, whose probability of existence depend on that first penetration. The promise of a life together presented in its wrappings to the one who has claimed her.


Red is what heralds the coming of a baby. Show; it’s what they call it. A mixture of red and mucus. That, is life.

And when death comes, what it demands is red. It calls for red to flow, ebb or cease to be within a man. And if red heeds, death succeeds.


“Color of life? Red? So, what are we?”

Many ladies, colors and gentlemen bought and read the newspaper and the already brewing contention between the honorable colors exploded into fade-fights, tint-teases and shameless shadings.


Shops were shut down, painting portals paused and the world was thrown into an uproar. Eventually, the aggrieved parties were asked to present their cases in a civilized manner and leave the judgement to the jury.


“These Primary Color guys have just gone too far this time. Too far. How dare that Lusty Red try to usurp the mighty Green? Not just at anything but… Life? Nah, this is the final straw.”


“Green apologist, please. No one even knows you exist. Are you Grey or Gray?”


War had been declared.




This is a joint short-project with the Knight. It was a lot of fun pitching these colors against one another and seeing them all try to prove their individual and collective worth.


We have tried as much as possible to present them as relatable as possible. Readers can figure out the allocated genders of the colors, the ‘parents’ and their kind of marriage.


We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing.

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