So We Decided to Watch ‘Iron Fist’.


We will be talking about Iron Fist. But, first…

I like watching movies but I 100% prefer reading books. I prefer imagining things myself, stretching my mind to worlds and scenes of different perspectives. It is all beautiful being able to picture words and actions and reactions myself. But, movies are faster to watch. There is no imagination really. Someone already did that for you and you just have to watch.



I miss animations. I seriously miss Naruto and I just might condemn all my data to downloading some episodes soon. In the screen world, I sometimes think cartoons and animations are better than seeing human beings act out some things because I’m like, ‘How are you even acting this? Don’t you feel foolish? Did you not collapse into fits of laughter and remind yourself that Jesus did not die for this?”

Well, we dove into the Knight’s hard drive and looking at all the series therein, we settled on. ‘Iron Fist’.


Story Line:


Plane crashed some 15 years ago supposedly killing rich parents and their then ten year old only son, Danny Rand. However, boy did not die and was rescued by some monks in another dimension, went through rigorous training and was gifted the Iron Fist and given the title, ‘Sworn Enemy of the Hand’.


Now 25 year old, Danny returns to normal earth and while trying to get back what was originally his right as sole heir of his parents, he realizes that ‘The Hand’ have infiltrated the company and as per, ‘Sworn Enemy of the Hand’, he has to do something about it.

We go hours into him channeling his chi, meditating, focusing his chi into his right hand which then forms the ‘Iron Fist’ and majorly goes around hitting down doors of whatever kind and beating up lots of bad people. It really took discipline and concentration not to interpret their chi the same as our chi.



Of course, a love interest comes up, Colleen Wing, who owns a dojo and initially took him as just a homeless man trying to disturb her. But when he regains 51% shareholding power in the Rand Enterprises and goes from rags-to-riches, love enters her eyes and she sees the potential in him. Oh, and he has the Iron Fist, what else can a woman ask for?

He tells her he took a vow of chastity at the monastery where he was raised and  trained and in my mind, I’m like, “Eeyah, this can only be a friend-zone thing”, until some episodes later, they are doing anatomical examination on each other and one thing leads to another. God punish vow of chastity.



I think the most laughable parts of this movie were times we had to watch him and the others assume postures before, during and after fights that looked so ridiculous. I mean, throw a punch if you will, what’s all this balancing on one leg, twisting your wrist inside out and rolling your neck like barber’s chair?

Oh, did I mention that apart from destroying and fighting with the Iron Fist, he also found out he could heal with it? Something about focusing on the life force of the sick person and differentiating it from the sickness/poison within and then using the Iron Fist to burn off/burn out the sickness.

I’m like, “Guys, this is Shakura’s job. This is what Tsunade sama taught Shakura and all the other healing guys in Naruto!!! You should have left it for them.”

It was mega awkward and funny watching a human being do it. I could cry right now!

We were still grappling with that when we met the ‘Sworn Defender of the Hand’ whose style happened to be that of the Drunken Master and really did a nonsense job of it. Yet, almost beat up the Iron Fist. So, you mean to say, after all the glory and acclaimed power of the Iron Fist, all it takes is a drunk, not so handsome guy to … see him finish?




There was a Madam Gao who we were made to believe was ‘The Hand’ for like 80% of the first season. Then, she is captured and subdued and next thing, she is not ‘The Hand’ anymore. The position is transferred to some other guy who also gets killed and then, of course, he must have not been ‘The Hand’ either. Then, we find out his love interest, Colleen Wing, is part of The Hand and has been lying to him all along.

Eventually, I and Debby concluded that they would eventually get to a point where that his hand, Danny’s right hand, the hand into which he channels his chi to get the Iron Fist would turn out to be ‘The Hand’.

At that point, it would become a matter of him fighting his own hand, fighting himself, because his title is what? ‘Sworn Enemy of the Hand’.

We finished season 1 and seeing as we do not have the other seasons, that marks the end of our trip with them.

The Knight can barely bring himself to watch cartoons or animations. So, if we begin watching a movie and their superpower or whatever begins to look too stretched, too fake, he loses interest. It’s like something in his brain just keeps going off that, “You know these guys are being too extra fake right now. You know, right?”

So, on these matter of movies, he’d rather watch a movie where the action begins immediately, does not involve some weird looking out of space, hydra-headed being that speaks english or whatever language is being subtitled and does not allow people make the distance between Lagos and Ogun state in just one jump. No.

If you have a way to get me the Naruto Shippuden, please do not hesitate. It’s been on my mind since the 23rd of August, 2018 when our final MB result came out.




Yesterday was majorly left to the Iron Fist people. We finished our mentos dragees yesterday. The WBC (White Coats, Books and Chills) online book club discussion session held and it was hot, hot, hot. We are currently reading ‘Welcome to Lagos’ by Chibundu Onuzo. We touched on domestic violence and Intimate Partner Violence, police/armed forces brutality. Also touched on discussions between partners on life changing decisions and the need for compromise/sacrifice.

This morning, we held service by logging in to the Sycamore live service and it was awesome. Pastor Tolu Moody and Sycamore Worship, God bless you!!! It’s also great being able to worship at the same time with the Knight. We get tp share points we feel hit home with us.

Reach out to your parents and loved ones today. It is a new week.

#CoronaDiary is in this too.


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