No, there is just so much that any man can take. I am tired.

If I have my facts right, despite the recurrent doubts by madam Becq, I am the oldest child in the house currently.

This, in the name of respect and sanity should earn me a room of my own, right?

But no, I am left with this little girl policing me in my own room about what I can do or not do.

“Aunty Unit, you are not sleeping? Me I am sleeping o.”

If you are sleeping, how come you know I am awake, because of God!!!

“Aunty Unit, oya, go and have your bath. Me I have had my bath o.”

But God, what have I done to deserve this?

“Aunty Unit, sit down very well and put your legs together.”

In. My. Room?!?!

“Aunty Unit, why are you wearing boxers? Who gave you?”

I’m this close to stuffing something in your mouth little girl!!!

“Aunty Unit, why are you pressing your phone, go and read.”

Read? Read what? Her mind???

See, if you are reading this and you find yourself nodding and agreeing to these interrogations, you may need to see a doctor too. Don’t even argue with me. In my own room? On my own bed?

May you not be frustrated.

*** In Our Family ***

The two hens in our house have laid eggs meant to be hatched in different batches… And hatched none.

Over thirty eggs wasted because of the carnivorous behavior of these things.

Our vet doctor in training, Debby, advised that the hens be debeaked.

In her fervor to convince mum, she said, “Go and debeak your children”.

And mum, completely in agreement, picked up the stapler on the table and started chasing Debby round the dining table.

” You are my child, let me start with you.”

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