Are Commercial Bikes the Real Problem in Lagos?

1. Nigeria and problems, 5 and 6.


Problem dey o!

The problems we have in Nigeria are numerous. Writing on this one thing is impossible without touching on some others.

Meanwhile, It is also impossible to touch on all of Nigeria’s problems.

That’s like asking the man possessed with a legion of demons to allow each of the demons mention its name, rank, date of birth and date of initial possession of the afflicted man. We die there.

There are problems, sub problems, intermediate and intermediary problems, adjunct problems and branch out problems.

To tackle each one is a fundamental problem on its own.

commercial bike riders

2. Commercial Bike Riders … Problems?


The LAGOS ban on commercial bike riders, both private and company owned, is a problem.

And while we are crying foul at the ban, we must realize that the Lagos government must have also seen a particular problem they wanted to tackle and which is what brought them to that decision.

However, what exactly was the problem they saw? What was it that itched the cleft of their buttocks and robbed them of sleep that till they rendered thousands jobless overnight and crippled businesses in one swoop, they could have no peace? Exactly what could it have been?

3. There are Many Possible Reasons.


Could it have been a high rate of head injuries being recorded at the state hospital?

As a medical professional, that is very important to me as I know the implications of such injuries.

Or could it be the high crime rate in the state? God knows if I have my phone snatched on the streets of Lagos by someone on a speeding motorbike, I would almost strip naked and curse them by the gods of my village that I know nothing about.

Maybe they thought it best to address road congestion that way. I mean, that could make sense.

4. Valid Reasons Sometimes are Still Fishy,


Except, well, something just does not sit right with me. You do not solve a problem with a problem.

Neither do you cast our Beelzebub in the name of Beelzebub.

If this government had previously shown themselves to be genuinely interested in the welfare of the people and had, as with other projects, proven themselves to be true to their words, maybe, just maybe, we would have not regretted voting in a man with gatored jeans.

Is it not in this same Lagos that petrol tankers lose their balance, spill their contents and consume people and objects with hell fire?

Or is it not this same Lagos where police brutality and SARS domination is the order of the day?

Pray tell, have they made an updated version of Lagos that does not come with intense traffic jams that can go on long enough for a man to meet a babe, woo her, get her number and propose marriage all in one sitting?

The commercial bike men were never the problem. Maybe they were the subsidiary of one of the branch out, intermediate problems. But, thinking that taking them out of the picture solves… anything… is like curing lice with Sniper.



I have come to the end of today’s rant.

I have stopped here so I would not create problems for myself by saying rubbish.

Suffering is not also known as Nigerian. I vehemently refuse that. In the same vein, Lagosian is not alias ‘I Know Who I Am’ by Sinach. Let those in power go back to their board rooms and find the real problem.

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