What would the world be without words? This is PEO’s writing world, where she creates magic, builds other worlds and takes you on lots of adventures. Are you ready?


Plants are green… most of the time and it has become common place to associate plants with green. However, we do know that that’s not the only color in nature’s wardrobe for plants.This space is dedicated to both non green AND green plants.


I really hope I get to take pictures of more than dogs. I know you are definitely looking forward to seeing lions, giraffes, hippopotamuses… yeah, so am I.

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There is a lot to be seen and appreciated and awe-struck by once we take the huge step out of our beds, rooms, homes and into the Out. At the same time, I can bring them right to you where you are.


We are surrounded bypeople of all ages and colors and genders, races, nationalities, cultures and religions. Most of us barely have time to notice ourselves, talk more of noticng others. Allow me draw your attention.

Food and objects

Who doesn’t like food? Who doesn’t like well plated, beautifully captured food moments? That’s right, not me. In addititon to these foods, how about we throw in random objects too?

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